BuyMyBusiness (BMB) Business Brokers is a firm of business matchmakers, business brokers and advisors. The mission of Buy My Business is to promote and help you actualize a win win in your business and foster your lasting legacies either as a founder or as an investor.

Our services include helping you sell your business, helping you buy a business, helping you franchise your business, helping evaluate your business or carry out a business acquisition due diligence and helping you secure equity investors and partners in your business. Our business broker b2b platform is designed to enable you source for buyers and sellers of existing business and thus have a business win and foster your desired business legacy.

BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers offers a wide variety of services in the business transaction field. Valuation services, transactional guidance and custom business searches are in our repertoire. As a business owner, you have spent years building your company to the point it is at today. If you are at the point where you are considering selling, that likely means you are profitable. While you have the know-how necessary to build a profitable company, you might not know how to sell it.

Sectors We Cover – BuyMyBusiness

BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers is a brokerage dedicated to mediating the sales of all kinds of companies, be it online, brick and mortar, technology, product or services based. We work with you and your business to find a buyer that is going to be a good, lucrative fit. We have experience with the process that could prove incredibly valuable.

Our businesses range from distribution and retail outlets, hospitality establishments and restaurants, to mining, microfinance banks, other financial services, service-related and information technology companies, manufacturing, oil and gas and construction. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in sourcing and purchasing a business best suited to your needs and budget. If you are looking to buy a business, contact us to talk to one of our business brokers

BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers deals with buyers, sellers, investors, businesses and franchise opportunities. We have a deep understanding of the requirements for each type of sale. Our experience in all aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions can give your sale a boost.

Evaluation and Marketing

BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers will take care of the marketing for you. Not only are you saving on the cost, you are getting a professional to handle it for you. The valuation process at BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers is personal and thorough. We have a rigid analytics process that is detailed and exhaustive.

By having such a thorough valuation, you can be assured about a few things. One of them is that you are getting the most accurate representation of your company’s finances and value. The other is that as a business seller, you can feel confident and thus is more likely to enter a high offer.

In your first meeting with your BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers agent, you will first define what your goals are. By setting this standard from the beginning, you can be sure that your needs are being met. Agreeing upon these goals is arguably the most important step in the sale.

After setting your goals, we will go through your company’s finances. This will include any and all assets, staff and accounts. After doing this analysis, we will present you with a Market Price Analysis report. This will tell you what you can expect your company to sell for in the market it’s being sold in.

The valuation process can be difficult for some because the result might not be what they want to hear. This is one of the benefits of working with BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers. We can advise the next steps you need to take in order to get your numbers where you want them.

Sales Process

One of the core values of BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers is that we do not want to just list your business. We want to be actively involved in the sale and advocate for you to get the best value. This makes us a good choice for first time sellers or sellers who are looking to retire.

Part of our involvement in the sale is making sure your business gets put in front of the right buyers. We have a large buyer pool that we can choose from to make sure your ad is targeted. Our knowledge of the buying market is perhaps our most valuable asset. Having built in leads will help ensure a higher quality sale.

Another benefit of the sales process at BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers  is the policy of confidentiality. Depending on what business you are in, you may want to keep your sales plans private. This can ensure that the ownership transition is smooth and cash flow is not interrupted.

Once your company has been listed, we will help you field offers. This can be another valuable feature depending on your experience. It might seem like a good idea to take the highest offer, but there could be more at play. They can help you to sort through the offers and find the buyer who aligns best with your values.

Once an offer is accepted, BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers will then handle due diligence and closing. These can be complicated processes that require lawyers and Accountants. This is where a broker is the most useful.

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