Buy a Franchise Business

Buy a Franchise Business
Title of your offer:

Buy a Franchise Business

Nature of the business:

Consulting, Referrals, Advertising, Marketing, Networking

Industry sector your business operates in:

Business consulting and support services

Year Business Was registered: 1985
Products and services offered by the company:

Business Referrals
Business Networking
Business Training
Conferences and workshops

Number of years the business has been in operation: 38 years
City and State The Business is Located:

Global HQ
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Nigerian Office

Number of Staff Members: HQ - 127 staff members. Nigeria - 17 staff members
Type and Value of Assets and Liabilities:

Intellectual Property
Web Apps

Creditors and Debtors,

Creditors – Nil

Debtors – Nil

The organization collects annual fees from its members

Type and Number of Clients:

Business Owners
Business Executives and Leaders
Business Professionals
Over 300,000 members in 80 countries

Profitability of the business:

BNI runs a highly profitable business that has achieved consistent growth for 38 years.

Current Condition of the Business:

BNI has achieved consistent growth in the last 38 years. Last twelve months members generated over $20.6 billion in closed business representing an average of $70,000 per member.

Reason and Purpose of Your Choice:

BNI operates using the membership model in order to grow deep within communities and empower entrepreneurs and its members. franchising is also BNI’s way of empowering others and helping them succeed.

Price and Amount of Money/Investment you seek for the business:

N2 million to N10 million depending on the State selected

Types of Company Records Available for Inspection:

BNI franchise model
BNI Regions
BNI chapters
BNI core systems

Are you acting as an Agent or are you the business owner?:I am the business owner

Buy a franchise business, the BNI franchise, and have access to a team of experts around the world who are committed to your success. Our goal is simple: We want to help you grow your business now and in the future. The BNI franchise system offers you a great opportunity to make money while helping others. Our proven business model is designed to help you grow BNI in your region in a structured and positive manner. At BNI, you have the power of our Global Support Team to help you grow. We’re always looking for ways to help your business grow and succeed, not just today, but tomorrow and over the years to come.

The BNI Business Model for Franchisees
BNI® is a business for people who are passionate about business. With over 3000,000 members in 10,904+ chapters worldwide, BNI provides a global business network that remains unmatched. BNI continues to grow because it solves a fundamental challenge all professionals face: What is the best way for me to generate referrals and more sales?

Our franchisees help start and grow BNI chapters, earning revenue from members who pay membership fee to join an organization that essentially adds a roomful of sales people to their team.

Here below is the business model for BNI Franchisees
• Own and operate an exclusive region of BNI
• Start and grow chapters of BNI in that region
• Make money from membership + application fee paid by members (determined by each country)
• Chapter Composite of 25 – 50 Members
• You can open multiple Chapters per Region
• Financially Self-Sufficient, Members Invest in Venue Expense
• Become the centre of business, connections and referrals

When members join BNI they pay registration and annual membership dues to their chapters. Part of this dues form the revenue and income for the franchise owners.
The BNI Franchise Advantage
• A globally proven business model
• Low Overhead and startup cost
• Members Have a Vested Interest in Growing Your Business
• Local and business support
• Local and international businesses

Support System for BNI Franchisees
• BNI Connect®, Online Platform for Members & Directors
• BNI business builder®, Learning Platform
• Monthly Support Webinars & Coaching
• Marketing & Operational Support
• BNI Events
• BNI Mobile

Training System for BNI Franchisees
• Onboarding in US & local country
• Localized In-Country Training
• Annual International Convention
• Franchises Training
• Regional meetings
• Leadership trainings

Ideal Candidates for BNI Franchise
• Entrepreneurs, business leaders/owners and business executives
• Sales-Oriented Mindset
• Motivated By Helping Others
• Open to New Learning Experiences
• Willingness to Ongoing Development
• Networking Skills
• Leadership Qualities
• Management & Organizational Skills
• Good Presentation & Communication Skills
• Financial Competence
• Embrace the BNI® Brand

What can you get from being a BNI Franchise Owner.
1. You will be joining a growing global business. The annual turnover of BNI is today larger than those of many USA fortune 500 companies.
2. You will earn and increase your revenue from BNI
3. Part of a globally proven franchise system
4. Education and Training
5. Opportunity for international training
6. Increased contact and network in your region
7. BNI is a cash business.

Other Benefits
1. BNI is a Great Franchise Opportunity!
2. Established Brand: Proven track record of sustainability and growing steadily for over 30 years. Thanks to the ability to deliver value to members regardless of the economic climate.
3. Low Overhead: Labor costs for operating a BNI franchise are fairly low. Chapter meetings are typically held at locations with low operational costs. Plus, franchisees are able to scale up operations gradually as they increase their membership.
4. Clear Sense of Purpose: BNI franchisees see the difference they’re making in the world and how they are part of a company that believes in social responsibility.
5. Positive Economic Impact: BNI referrals generated more than U$11 billion globally for member businesses in 2016, helping to grow local businesses create more jobs.

Apply today and become a BNI Franchise in Nigeria.

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