Invest in a Virtual Health Startup

Invest in a Virtual Health Startup
Title of your offer:

Invest in a Virtual Health Startup

Nature of the business:

provision of virtual care healthcare services using telemedicine

Industry sector your business operates in:

Health care

Year Business Was registered: 2023
Products and services offered by the company:

Virtual health care
Online Pharmacy

Number of years the business has been in operation: We are a startup
City and State The Business is Located:

Lagos, Nigeria

Number of Staff Members: 3
Type and Value of Assets and Liabilities:

Our virtual health care platform

Creditors and Debtors,

None for now

Type and Number of Clients:

Our clients are the educated, Nigerians in the diapora with parents in Nigeria, high networth individuals and those in rural areas with no easy access to good pharmacies.
we also have doctors and medical practitioners

Profitability of the business:

Still at the startup phase

Current Condition of the Business:

Building our MVP

Reason and Purpose of Your Choice:

To raise the much needed funds for our take off

Price and Amount of Money/Investment you seek for the business:


Types of Company Records Available for Inspection:

As needed

Are you acting as an Agent or are you the business owner?:We are the promoters

We are employing technology to deliver quality healthcare at the door step of people and improving lives. Our virtual health care services is designed to bring medical practice, quality pharmaceuticals to everyone via laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles.

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