Investors Needed for an Upscale bar

Investors Needed for an Upscale bar
Title of your offer:

Investors Needed in an Upscale bar

Nature of the business:

Bar and spar services

Industry sector your business operates in:


Year Business Was registered: 2009
Products and services offered by the company:


Number of years the business has been in operation: 14
City and State The Business is Located:

Ikeja, Lagos State

Number of Staff Members: 27
Type and Value of Assets and Liabilities:

Available on request

Creditors and Debtors,

Available on request

Type and Number of Clients:

Available on request

Profitability of the business:

very profitable and cash positive

Current Condition of the Business:


Reason and Purpose of Your Choice:

Business and market Growth

Price and Amount of Money/Investment you seek for the business:

N60 million

Types of Company Records Available for Inspection:

Audited accounts
Management accounts
Government approval

Are you acting as an Agent or are you the business owner?:Agent

An existing upscale bar and spar center located in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos State seeks investors and partners towards its expansion program. The business currently has a spar, a bar and wellness center and attracts good clientele. The promoter is seeking partners to invest to capitalize on the growing demand and market opportunities.

Interested and ready investors / potential partners should contact:

BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers

Tel: 08020698922

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