Printing Press for Sale

Printing Press for Sale
Title of your offer:

Printing Press for Sale

Nature of the business:


Industry sector your business operates in:


Year Business Was registered: 2002
Products and services offered by the company:


Number of years the business has been in operation: 21
City and State The Business is Located:

Abeokuta, Ogun state

Number of Staff Members: 9
Type and Value of Assets and Liabilities:

Printing equipment

Creditors and Debtors,

No debtors.

Type and Number of Clients:

Various including schools, churches, businesses, etc

Profitability of the business:


Current Condition of the Business:


Reason and Purpose of Your Choice:

Original Founder is late

Price and Amount of Money/Investment you seek for the business:


Types of Company Records Available for Inspection:


Are you acting as an Agent or are you the business owner?:Agent

A printing press located in Abeokuta, Ogun State is for sale. The press is equipped with Kord Printing Machine, Heidelberg printing machine, Schneider Cutting Machine, Graphic computers, generator and work tables and various office equipment. The machines are in very good condition and operational and the staffs are on hand. The business owner has preference for new buyers with ability to get a new location for the business as the lease at the present address is expiring.

Interested and Serious buyers should contact:

BuyMyBusiness Business Brokers

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