Furniture Factory for Sale

Furniture Factory for Sale
Title of your offer:

A Furniture Factory for Sale

Nature of the business:

Furniture making

Industry sector your business operates in:


Year Business Was registered: 2013
Products and services offered by the company:

school Furniture
Office Furniture
Commercial Furniture
Household furniture
Kitchen cabinets
Shelves and shop dividers

Number of years the business has been in operation: 10
City and State The Business is Located:


Number of Staff Members: 29
Type and Value of Assets and Liabilities:

Furniture-making equipment
Delivery trucks
Show room

Creditors and Debtors,

Available for inspection

Type and Number of Clients:

Companies and Industries
High-net-worth individuals

Profitability of the business:


Current Condition of the Business:


Reason and Purpose of Your Choice:

Business Diversification

Price and Amount of Money/Investment you seek for the business:

On negotiation

Types of Company Records Available for Inspection:

Audited and Management accounts
sales records
Purchases records
Cleints records

Are you acting as an Agent or are you the business owner?:Agent

A furniture factory that produces school furniture, office furniture, household furniture, in addition to shop and display shelves is in the market for sale.

The factory is fully equipped with all modern furniture-making machines and equipment and has staff on site. In addition, it has a show room, a distribution truck, generators and office premises. The showroom and factory are on lease and not part of the sale items. The remaining portion of the lease—6 years—is available for the new owners.

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